Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Glas is awesome. He creates such a positive atmosphere to start with and he has magic hands. I used to be in constant pain (neck) and his adjustments have been spot on. Been a client for over two years...HIGHLY recommend the $199 membership, then only $10 a visit. You can't beat this deal."

- Keith G.

"First visit ever to chiropractor’s go glad my nephew took me. Once he was done I would walk and stand straight up. I will be back soon."

- Tom D.

"A friend referred me to Dr. Glas. I couldn’t be happier. Felt at ease right away. Has a sense of humor, which makes the visit even better. Would definitely recommend him!!!"

- Cherie

"I’m a new patient that seen dr. Glas recently. You could tell he has experience. It was quick. I’m looking forward to feeling better and going back to see him again"

- Erica S.

"Glas is a very funny guy and makes you feel at ease. It's super affordable and convenient. He gets you in and out, not a long wait at all. Overall, a very good experience and he will definitely have my repeated business! Heaven sent!"

- Brit P.

"Dr Glas is the best. Thanks for all your help and kindness."

- Randy W.

"Perfect service every time! Dr’s business model is the best way to get adjusted, by far!"

- Cliff L.

"Instant pain relief. Excellent pricing."

- Shawn

"I'm a very active 67 year old who continues to engage in questionable activities such as lifting small tractors and big logs. Bret literally keeps me going. An excellent healer and human being."

- Bill T.

"Bret is a great guy and is cost effective for great chiropractic care. I highly recommend!"

- Matt M.

"Dr. Bret is fun and friendly and a darn good chiropractor. Worth every last bit of time and money to get back pain relief from his adjustments."

- Anonymous

“I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me with an issue I never thought even existed. As embarrassing as it is, I'm glad there is something that helps because there have been many nights that the pain keeps me awake and my whole pelvis just aches. You are doing a great and wonderful thing helping so many people with their ailments.”

- Alexis N.

“I first met Dr. Glas in 2003, after I was involved in a traumatic, nearly fatal car accident in 2002. Between his care and friendship, he really "woke" my brain up. I credit much of my recovery to him. Thank you, Dr. Bret.”

- Joshua S.

“Currently I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my 6th baby and suffering from horrid lower back / pelvic pain. I have only gone twice and I regret not going earlier in my pregnancy. I feel 85% better and look forward to my next adjustment. I just can't get over how much I have improved in only 2 visits. I'm able to enjoy being pregnant again.”

- Alexis N.

“Spent 3 days at work trying to find a standing or sitting position that didn't hurt my neck and back. Came to my senses and went to Dr. Bret for an adjustment. He put things back in place and the relief was immediate! Thankful I don't have to think about whether I've used up my "allowance" of visits by an insurance company and can just show up when I need to. Bret gave me some extra tips on how to avoid and relieve some issues at home and work, too.”

- Shannon M.

“Everything went good, I think it helped, especially my hips; my shoulder is still hurting, not as bad as before. May get better with another try next week.”

- Pat P.

"Always a blast. Great guy."

- Anonymous

“Bret is always friendly and makes you feel like family. He does a great job and makes sure he has met your needs no matter how busy he is. I will be a customer for life!”

- Anonymous

“Absolutely love this office! Dr. Bret was so nice, friendly, and accommodating. I was in town visiting from Charlotte, NC and he was able to help me no problem! Quick service and I was able to visit a few times while in town. The best part, he also offers Juice Plus+ that I have been taking for years. So glad to see a local chiropractor that offers whole food options for their patients. Will visit again for sure!”

- Holly L.

“Dr. Glas is a great chiropractor! He has opened a business to help people and is doing it so that it is affordable to all. I would highly recommend Bret to anyone.”

- Tony H.

"I always try to make my weekly visit to Dr. Bret. He is the best!"

- Corrie B.

"Super convenient, very friendly, and I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I walked in the door."

- Kara F.

“After months of therapy and injections on my back, I finally went to a chiropractor as a last chance. It should have been my first choice. Dr. Glas has been able to reduce the pain in my legs and back, working on me, I have noticed increased mobility and got far less pain. Years of abuse has caused the problems, after a few visits I have seen positive results and am back to regular exercise.”

- Des J.

"I had a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle in my left shoulder blade, Bret adjusted me twice at 1 visit. I felt better and slept better."

- Adam P.

"Wonderful! Love the walk-in convenience."

- Autumn S.

"Available! Receptive! Attentive! Insightful! Helpful! Directive! Conclusive!"

- Earl M.

"Great chiropractor. Very easy on the old body."

- Melinda H.

“Dr.Bret Glas knows your body better than you do. He is always very kind, and in my case, can find my problem area to adjust in a split second. I always leave pain-free and I highly recommend him!”

- Michelle W.

“Dr. Glas has earned my trust and referrals. Whenever chiropractic care is mentioned around me, I am sure to share my experience at Kurtz Chiropractic. Dr. Glas combines the true passion for health and healing with care and respect. It equates to a world-class clinic experience.”

- James C.

"Definitely on my trusted chiropractors' list. I had a bad experience in the past so I hesitated going in but Dr. Glas is great!"

- Naomi W.

“I have been very pleased with the work Dr. Glas has done with me and my daughter, Kate. She has been plagued with headaches for a couple of years, and working with Dr. Glas has decreased her headaches to maybe one every 2-3 weeks. This week she came home from school with a headache and went down to see the doctor knowing that it would help her! I have also been very happy with my progress.”

- Stephanie D.

“I started going to Dr. Bret early this year because he was affordable. Since that time I have managed to get myself into several painful predicaments. He has always come through for me. Affordable and effective!”

- Mary G.

"Dr. Glas is efficient and friendly. He gets the job done. Dr. Glas' main objective is to get your body in peak health, and he does just that without a lot of up-selling and propaganda. I drive quite a way to be adjusted because I like his straight-forward approach and friendly demeanor. As a fitness instructor, I couldn't do what I do without his help."

- Mick W.

"Easily the best. Not only do his adjustments work, but there are no pseudo promises. He's the real deal. Good for your body to be in alignment and you always feel better leaving than you do going in. Although I'm always excited to talk to Bret. He's extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to give both my time and business to."

- Zack P.

"Bret is no-nonsense, get to the point Doctor., who knows what he is doing. Our whole family loves his practice."

- Harold G.

“Both my wife and I go there weekly. We both love the doctor, and we feel much better in our daily lives with his adjustments. He is also a pleasure to be with while he adjusts us, and really loves what he does and his patrons.”

- Bob K.

"Bret does a great job of getting to know his clients. Through our conversations, he has made suggestions and offered help in ways that were above and beyond expectation!"

- Ryan H.

"I went in to see Bret after dealing with wandering pain in one of my legs. Seems the injury had happened during 10-mile training runs I was doing. He listened to me attentively and took into account my background. I received a significant amount of instant relief from the pain in my leg. The pain was completely rescinded upon a second visit. As a CrossFitter (and someone who is stuck at a desk all day), I feel Bret’s knowledge and expertise may be a missing link in my program. Looking forward to seeing what he can do for me next!"

- Chase S.

"Kurtz Chiropractic has really improved my quality of life for years! I started seeing Bret when I was young with neck issues from being a waitress and thanks to him, my neck pain in that area has never returned. I also love Bret's charity work he does for the community and that he is a Christian man! I will always continue to use Kurtz Chiropractic for all my chiropractic needs and would refer him to anyone!"

- Julie L.

"I am a runner and was having a painful knee issue. I went to Bret for a regular adjustment but never dreamed he could fix my knee. I happened to mention it, so he worked on it a few minutes and to my surprise, it was instantly better! I have not had any trouble with it at all since and that was two months ago. I would definitely recommend Bret."

- Shana O.

"Bret is personable and competent. He solves not only chiropractic problems with the spine, but also wrist, elbow, and shoulder issues. Few doctors can be called both fast and effective, but this is my experience with Dr. Bret."

- Anonymous

"Bret does a great job, and also happens to be a great guy. He's honest and interested only in improving your health and wellness. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and friendly chiropractor with character, Bret is your man."

- Bill R.

"Bret is an excellent chiropractor. He has helped me with my neck pain which has caused me not to have headaches anymore. I see Bret on a regular basis because I ride Warmblood Dressage Horses. I can always tell when my pelvis is out of alignment because my horse does not perform as well. Both my horse and I thank you Bret! :)"

- Jodi L.

"I’ve been to a few different chiropractors over the years, but none with the knowledge and ability of Kurtz Chiropractic. I started going to Bret (Kurtz Chiropractic) a little over two weeks ago, and I have already noticed drastic changes in my mood, sleep patterns, and overall fitness. I was noticing before extreme discomfort when I had subluxations, which caused extreme irritability and aggression in my daily mood. I had less than sub-par sleeping patterns, waking multiple times throughout the night in discomfort from pinched nerves along my spine. Bret (Kurtz Chiropractic) has made a drastic improvement on my way of life as well as a sense of direction with his words of wisdom. I plan to continue using Kurtz Chiropractic for years to come!"

- Gregg W.

"Many times I have come to Bret after hurting my back / neck. I've never been disappointed. He doesn't pressure me to extend my treatments, and his service has always provided results. Most of the time, the results were immediate.

I would highly recommend Bret to anyone considering chiropractic services. His values and integrity are unique in today's competitive environment."

- Bill R.

"I hurt my back many years ago and I have lived with constant pain, but every time I receive an adjustment from Bret I leave his office pain-free. I have seen significant improvements in my mobility and living life with minimal pain. I wish I could have Bret adjust me every day. Thanks, Bret!"

- Adam H.

"I never understood the value of chiropractic care. I had shoulder pain, pain in my upper trapezius, shoulders, and neck from years of riding road bikes that were improperly fitted for me. The burning, searing pain that would prevent me from turning my head left or right, prevent me from sitting in chairs without having my arms elevated, and prevent me from taking long rides in the car without a number of devices to support my neck / upper trap and shoulders.

While I don’t completely understand chiropractic care, I can say this. I have never felt better. I met with Dr. Bret Glas at his office and let him know I was somewhat skeptical as well as nervous about having an adjustment. He walked me through what issues he could identify by a brief but thorough examination and then told me what he thought he could do for me to relieve some of my discomforts. I was still apprehensive but after it was done (and the adjustments were painless) I can honestly say I have never felt better.

I had immediate relief of the pain in my shoulders and neck. Dr. Glas shared with me that the adjustments he made were to properly align my spinal structure, but that my body was so used to being out of alignment that it may fight to go back to where it was. That did happen, after a few days of being completely pain-free, I noticed the upper shoulder pain start again. But I knew this time that it was just my body trying to go back to the dysfunction it was used to.

I did return for a few more adjustments and can say that after three appointments I was completely pain-free for a long time. I now return to Dr. Glas about one time a month and I can feel exactly in my shoulders when I need to return for that immediate relief.

I can’t really say that Dr. Glas is the best chiropractor I’ve ever had – he’s the only one I’ve ever had. But here is what I can say: He knew I was apprehensive and helped me understand why I had pain and how he could help me. He also was very patient with my apprehension. Further, his innovative business model allows me to return to see him whenever I feel I need an adjustment – without breaking my budget. He is engaging, intelligent and personable, and only does what is necessary to help you feel better. I am very glad I discovered not only Dr. Glas but also chiropractic care. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to get relief."

- Staci W.

“My life is back together.”

- Marty S.

“It worked for me, especially without medications.”

- Ron S.

“I have a calm feeling inside my chest now and I am more relaxed!”

- Jack B.

“I have fewer headaches.”

- Amy M.

“I am taking much less medications. I have more flexibility and much less pain so I can walk 3 miles a day 5 days per week.”

- Bea S.

“I sleep better and can do tough jobs without major pain.”

- Walt E.

“I have more physical endurance and don’t fatigue at work as fast as I used to. I have more range of motion without pain. I am less irritated during the day.”

- Rich S.

“He has no runny noses, coughs, or wheezing. He is focused, on time, calm, healthy, happy, and growing and not taking an IEP at school this year.”

- Glenda about Brett, age 6

“My dizzy spells have vanished and anxiety is less.”

- Shawna R.

“No more medicine for ADHD! More energy, less trouble with breathing, I can control my anger better, better and longer attention span, less tired, lifting weights now and happier!”

- Michael M.

“My headaches have decreased and no lower back pain. The menstrual cramps have decreased tremendously.”

- Charlotte D.

“I have increased concentration in my studies. I can move better and seem to be healthier!”

- Brian M.

“I have less tension and nausea!”

- Dorene M.

“I can keep up with my daughters!”

- Carol K.

“I have a great improvement in my health, attitude, and enjoyment of life!”

- Beth E.

“I have fewer headaches, less tension between my shoulders, and low back and I feel much better overall. I deal much better with daily stress; have quicker reflexes and better focus.”

- Jen D.

“I am sleeping better at night and have more focus at work. I also started lifting weights again!”

- Jarod H.

“I have more movement at work and more energy throughout the day!”

- Amy C.

“My headaches are gone! I have more energy and I can keep up with my 6-year-old, who sleeps better as well.”

- Dawn C. and Jeremy

“I am able to do my work tasks more efficiently. I am more alert in the morning and have stamina throughout the day at work.”

- Mike D.

“I can walk 3 miles and my back does not hurt at all! Plus I sleep really well and I am ready to get up in the morning when the alarm goes off!”

- Amanda B.

“I awoke with no back pain for the 1st time in 20 some years!”

- Marilyn R.


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